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Customer Testimonials

Below are just a few of the many unsolicited comments received from our satisfied customers worldwide.

"I would just like to thank you for a truly unique gift that brought a tear to my Grandfathers eye. It now takes pride of place in his home."
Patricia Gallen (Boston, USA)

"This is so cool! I thought it was all a bit dubious but the documentation is all completely legal and binding and I have even had it verified by a Lawyer friend of mine! I really own a bit of my homeland!"
Ryan Brady (Chicago, USA)

"Had no idea what to get my Dad for his 45th, until i saw this, a really unique and abstract gift, he'll enjoy it."
Brian Maguire (Melbourne, Australia)

"This gift is an excellent idea! It was very unique and received well. It was for my father for his 60th birthday and he loved it!"
Anne Corrigan (San Diego, USA)

"I just wanted to take this opportunity, to express our joy & the delight this present brought to our family. A real conversation piece!"
The Daley Family (Manchester, UK)

"I bought this for our newly born son, I’m sure he will treasure this in the years to come. He will now always be able to call Ireland his true home!"
Brian Kelly (Toronto, Canada)

Own your own wee bit of Ireland