Abitoftheoldsod.com : Your Exclusive Little Piece of Saint Patrick’s Irish Land with just one Click
Own your own little piece of your Irish homeland  

Abitoftheoldsod.com Package

What you will receive:
It is our intention that you will be thrilled and delighted with your newly purchased land. Your order will include:

A certificate verifying your ownership of the land. Sample >>>
The certificate is of the highest quality and has unique Celtic detailing. Stated on the certificate will be:
• The owner’s name
• Brief description of where your land is located
• Your own exclusive plot number
• An individual certificate number
• Brief reference to the deed of assurance
The certificate is ideal for framing. We would hope that it would take pride of place in any room. Buy Now >>>

Photographs: Picture Gallery >>>
You will receive two high quality photographs of your land & the surrounding region. These will give you an idea of the natural beauty that surrounds your plot. They will make an ideal accompaniment to the Certificate. Buy Now >>>

The Deed of Assurance:
The deed of assurance summarizes your responsibilities as the landowner of the plot. When you visit your plot there will be certain regulations that you must adhere to as the proprietor of the land, such as using the specially mapped out right-of-ways to aid you in locating your property. Our responsibilities to you are also clearly marked out in the deed of assurance. This insures that you are fully informed about your land and how to gain lawful access to it when you wish to visit it. Buy Now >>>

Directions to your land:
We have included all-important directions for you to locate your land when you visit Ireland. As everyone knows, Irish signposting is famous the world over for the confusion it causes. Buy Now >>>

Own your own wee bit of Ireland