Abitoftheoldsod.com : Your Exclusive Little Piece of Saint Patrick’s Irish Land with just one Click
Own your own little piece of your Irish homeland  

Your Wee piece of Ireland $49.95 Ideal St Patricks Day Gift

Many dream of owning a piece of the Irish land their ancestors emigrated from so long ago. So many people all over the world have attachments to the Emerald Isle. The ties to Ireland extend for generations and hold a historical bond with decendants of Irish immigrants who had to leave their beautiful land. Many people just have a deep interest in Ireland & its rich culture and diverse history.

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Now a small plot of land in rural Ireland can be yours for only US$49.95. The land is surrounded by stunning countryside. A formal, legal certificate (ideal for framing) Photographs and documentation stating the proprietor’s name will verify ownership of the land along with full authentication of your legal rights. Full Details >>>

Own your own wee bit of Ireland