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Frequently asked Question about Abitoftheoldsod.com

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1. What is abitoftheoldsod.com all about?
abitoftheoldsod.com is an opportunity for the millions of people around the world who would dearly love to own a wee piece of Ireland. Irish descendants are distributed to all corners of the globe and many may never have that chance to visit the land of their forefathers. abitoftheoldsod.com fulfils the dream of those who want to own their own wee plot of land in beautiful Ireland without the hassle of lawyers and the ties that come with looking after land.

2. Is my purchase legal?

Your official Certificate of ownership is a legal document. With this you will receive a comprehensive legal deed complete with terms and conditions that include all the legalities of your purchase and lays out the contractual aspects. Should you have any queries prior to purchasing your plot, or indeed after your have purchases it, we will be more than happy to answer your questions.

3. Does the land really belong to me?
Yes! It belongs to you; you are the legal owner of the property. You can visit the land at any time, although you are not permitted to build on it as this would blemish the natural beauty of the surrounding area. It must also be noted that we do not hold the land “in trust” for you. You are the actual owner of the plot.

4. What is the size of the land included in each US$49.99 plot?
You will purchase a plot of land that is one square foot in size. If you want to purchase more than one plot, they can be purchased beside each other. If you buy more than 15 plots of land then a discounted price will be available.

Own your own wee bit of Ireland