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Frequently asked Question about Abitoftheoldsod.com

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5. What options are there for delivery and shipping of my order?
Your Ownership documents will be delivered to you free of charge. Shipping can take between 7 and 21 days but normally about two weeks is about the average time.

6. Will I permanently own the land?
Irish law states that you will initially have a 20-year leasehold ownership of your plot. This is renewable at no extra cost after the 20-year period and indefinitely thereafter. abitoftheoldsod.com would like all landowners to renew there lease permanently.

7. Will I have to pay any taxes on my property?
The initial price of US$35.00 is the only price you will ever have to pay. Unlike the US Ireland does not have a property tax.

8. Where in Ireland is my plot of land situated?
The land is in the heart of the beautiful Irish countryside. In the rural County of Donegal, which is renowned for it’s mystical and rugged scenery. All-inclusive directions are included with your order and the land is easily accessible by car. We hope you would visit your property if you have the good fortune to visit the beautiful Emerald Isle.

Own your own wee bit of Ireland