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Own your own little piece of your Irish homeland  

About Abitoftheoldsod.com

Abitoftheoldsod.com was founded in 2005. Millions of people all over the world have that special connection to Ireland. We realized however, that for many people owning property in Ireland is only distant dream.

Donegal Cliffs
Abitoftheoldsod.com has now made it possible for people from all corners of the globe to own a bit of beautiful unspoiled Irish land, without the usual expenditure and hassle involved in the acquisition of property. Buy Now >>>

Donegal Thatched Cottage

We trust that by charging the reasonable price of US$35.00, anyone with an affinity to Ireland will be in a position to own their very own piece of Ireland.

The beautiful Emerald Isle has much to offer in culture, history and diversity. The land we offer has been cultivated and nurtured by our forefathers and holds dear the legacy of their toil.

In sharing it with you, we hope to keep the spirit of our history alive in all corners of the world and through all walks of life. Buy Now >>>

Own your own wee bit of Ireland